Can Stilts Fun Earth Day Activity for Kids

This is not only a fun craft to make but also fun to play. This is a great Earth Day activity for kids.  Recycle aluminum cans but turning them into stilts. Kids will love making their stilts and playing with them too!
Materials: 2 tall empty Cans (juice cans work best but you can also use aluminum cans from vegetables, they will just  be shorter stilts.), clothes line or thin rope, punch can opener, markers or paint to decorate
Step 1: Place the two juice  cans closed side up on the table.
Step 2: Punch 1 hole into each side of both cans about 2 inches from the top.
Step 3: String the rope through both sides of the can. Pull both sides of the rope up to the child’s armpit and cut.  Repeat with second can.
Step 4:  Decorate your new stilts with paint or markers.  Your done!  You can play with your stilts when they are fully dry.

Shadow People Outdoor Chalk Projects for Kids

This is a fun outdoor activity for kids.
This activity needs to be done on a driveway, sidewalk or blacktop with at least 2 people 
 In this activity kids will create people using their shadows then use their imagination and creativity to decorate their person

The first thing you are going to do is make the paint for the activity. The paint is biodegradable and will wash off cement or asphalt with water

Materials needed for paint: 3/4 cup warm water, 1 cup powdered milk, 5 drops food coloring, jar or container with lid

You will need all these materials for each color of food coloring or if you want

Step 1: Have the kids pour all the ingredients into jar/container and put lid on tightly

Step 2:  Have the kids shake the jar/ container until all ingredients are blended well.  If you want brighter colors add more food coloring.


Now that you have your shadow people paint ready it is now time to make shadow people!

Materials: Chalk, sponge paintbrush (you can cut up an old sponge, you need 1 piece per color) and your shadow paint

Step 1: Have one kid stand on the driveway or blacktop in the sun in a fun position

St2p 2: Using the chalk have the second kid trace the outline of their friends shadow

Step 3: Have the kids switch places and repeat step 1 and 2

Step 4: Have the  kids decorate their shadow people with the paint and chalk.  Don’t forget to also make a background for your shadow people!


Have fun!





Kids Can Make Sandcastles or Pyramids at Home Fun Activities using Sand for Kids

Who says you need to be at a beach to make a sand castle!

This is one of my favorite activities to do with kids.  Your kids will love making these at home sand castles.

You can also use this sandcastle recipe to make pyramids for school projects and other sculptures.

This is a fun activity for kids for birthdays, girl scouts or boy scouts activities or anytime!

Follow the simple directions below:

Materials: 1 cup of cornstarch, 2 cups of fine sand (sandbox sand, colored sand or beach sand), 1 1/2 cups of water optional shells, stones beads or anything you would like to decorate, paper plates (1 per child).


The first this your going to do is made sand dough to build your sand castle:


Step 1: In a pan mix the cornstarch, sand and water.





Step 2: Over a medium heat stir the mixture until it gets thick (5-15 minutes).





Step 3: Let the mixture cool completely before use about (30-50 minutes).


Now the fun part

Step 4: Divide the sand up equally and give to each child on a paper plate.  The recipe makes enough for about 5 children.

Step 5: Have the children build sand castle and decorate it with shell, stones etc.













The castle will dry and harden in 2- 3 days

Kids Play and Create Tip:

Try making your sand castle with colored sand. (check site for receipe)

Have fun!


Ice Cube Watercolor Painting Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting is a fun activity for kids.  In this activity kids will create their own water colors using food coloring and ice.


Materials: Ice Cube Tray,  Cups, Water, Food Coloring, Craft/popsicle Sticks, paper (poster or water color paper works best)

Step 1: Fill cups half way with water

Step 2: Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each cup of water.  Keep adding food coloring slowly until you get the color you like.  If you only have a few food coloring colors mix colors together to create more colors.

Step 3: Pour colored water into ice cube tray

Step 4: Wait about 1/2 hour or until ice is half way frozen then add the craft/popsicle sticks.

Step 5: Let the ice freeze completely.  When completely frozen slowly pull ice cubes out of tray.  If they are stuck slowly twist ice cube tray or leave out for a few minutes then pull them out.

Step 6: Once ice cubes are out hold them by the handle (craft/popsicle stick) and use like a paint brush.

You just create home made water color paint!


Here is another project idea using ice cube paining 


Materials: Paper, Washable Markers, Water, Ice Cube Tray, Craft/Popsicle Sticks

Step 1: Make ice cubes the regular way

Step 2: Wait about 1/2 hour or until ice cubes are half way frozen and add craft/popsicle sticks

Step 3: Wait until ice cubes are completely frozen.  While kids are waiting for the ice cubes to freeze have the, draw a picture using markers.

Step 4: When ice cubes are completely frozen take them out of the tray.

Step 5: Have the kids go over they picture with the ice cube.  The when the drawing gets wet the maker colors run making the picture look like a water color painting.


How to Desgn your own Shirt for Kids, Fun Party Craft for Kids, Earth Day Recycling Project for Kids

Create-a-Shirt is always a fun party idea.  It’s easy to do for kids of all ages, lets the kids be creative and gives them something to take home from the party.  This activity is also a great Earth Day activity.   It’s a great way for to recycle old clothing. Kids love turning their old ordinary shirt into an extraordinary shirt!
These shirts are great for a Birthday Party Activity, Team Shirt, Performance Shirt, Costume or Everyday Wear!


Here are step by step directions for making a Cool Creative Shirt:


Materials: Oversize cotton t-shirt (cutting the shirts will make them smaller), fabric paint, textile markers and scissors optional glitter


Step 1: Cut shirt to desired length.







Step 2: Cut slits on one side or both sides of the shirt.  I cut about 1 1/2 inches apart.  The further apart the slits are the more skin will show underneath.
Tip: For a cool look cut slits far apart and wear a color tank underneath.










Step 3: Cut through the slits so the front and back are separate.









Step 4: Tie separated slits together.












You can start to decorate or if your feeling creative continue to Step 5:
Step 5: Cut the sleeves of the shirt off and make the neckline wider by cutting along the collar.
Step 6: Cut 2 slits on the top part of the shirt (shoulder) leave about 1 1/2 inches from the sleeve to the neckline uncut. Tie slits together.




















Step 7: Decorate with fabric paint and or textile markers, let dry and wear.