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Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Craft for Kids, Easy Christmas Classroom Craft

This is a great craft to do in a classroom, preschool, day care or at home (like I did).  It’s also a great alternative to making tiny gingerbread houses, that some classes make during the holidays. It’s also a great way use old Halloween candy. I made this ice cream cone Christmas tree with my almost 3 year-old and she had a blast.  She wanted to make a whole forest.  What I might do is make a gingerbread house, then make these ice cream cone trees to around the house for a winter scene.  I also did this with my 12 year-old niece and her friends and they loved it too.  I think this is a good craft to do with children of all ages.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own ice cream cone Christmas tree.


Materials: green frosting, sugar ice cream cone, things to decorate I used M&M’s and Smarties leftover from Halloween, marshmallows and sprinkles.  You can also use things like coconut and any other small candies.

Step 1: Spread a thin layer of your green frosting over the entire ice cream cone.   This is really the only step little kids will need help with.  Everything else they can do on their own.


Step 2: Start decorating.  Place M&M’s, Smarties and any other small candies on your Christmas tree.  My daughter wanted marshmallows on hers.  Her marshmallows kept slipping off her tree, so we decided to put them on the bottom.  We also used silver sprinkles to look like snow and yellow sprinkles on top for a star.












My daughter wanted to try hers.  I let her take 2 bites.  There trees aren’t really for eating more as a decoration.  They are super sweet, since it’s just frosting, sugar cone and candy.



Thank you for visiting  Happy Holidays!

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25 Days of Christmas Ideas for Kids, December Activities to Countdown to Christmas

There is a saying that I heard once “you never knew how much you loved Christmas until you have children”.   Being a mom, I want to make Christmas a special as I can for my daughter.  I also don’t want to make it just about receiving presents.  Even though my daughter is very young I tried to tell her that experiences makes life special not materials.  Here is a list of things you can do everyday to countdown to Christmas  and make the holiday season special.
Click picture to purchase on Amazon

Get an Advent calendar.  This is a great way to get the little ones excited about Christmas.  Each morning have count down to Christmas.  I got a really cute Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar on Amazon.  It’s a wooden cut out magnetic tree with little wooden magnetic ornaments.  I can’t want for her to take one off every day to countdown Christmas.


You can also get an Elf on the Shelf.  Who doesn’t like a visit from one of Santa’s elves?  Click here for more Christmas traditions

Here is a sample list of holiday activities to every day until Christmas.

December 1st:         Put up and decorate Christmas Tree.

December 2nd:       Make a Christmas ornament for our tree (I try to do this each year).

December 3rd:        Decorate the rest of the house with Christmas decorations.

December 4th:        Write a letter to Santa and send it to the North Pole.

December 5th:         Attend a local Christmas festival or tree lighting. Check your paper for local events                                                               throughout the month of December.

December 6th:        Make a Christmas Craft

December 7th:        Take a family Christmas photo. Turn your photo into an ornament for the tree.

December 8th:        Visit Santa and take pictures.

December 9th:       Go Ice Skating.

December 10th:     Watch a Christmas Movie.

December 11th:      Do something Charitable.  This year I am going to make a care package and send it to a soldier.

December 12th:     Build and decorate a gingerbread house.

December 13th:     If you live in New York visit Rockefeller Center, Macy’s Santaland and the windows on 5th Ave.

December 14th:     Send Christmas Cards.  Yes, people still do this.  Have the kids make them and send them to the                                       grandparents or close relatives.

December 15th:     Go Christmas shopping with the kids, let them help you pick out gifts for loved ones.

December 16th:     Have a family sing-a-long and sing your favorite Christmas songs while having some hot cocoa.

December 17th:     Pick out matching Christmas PJ’s for the whole family.

December 18th:     Drive around and look at Christmas lights. For extra fun wear the matching PJ’s.

December 19th:     Wrap gifts with the kids.

December 20th:     Decorate Christmas stockings.

December 21st:     Make and decorate Christmas Cookies.

December 22nd:   Make and play with pretend snow. Click here for recipe or if you live in an area with snow, make                                        a snowman for Santa.

December 23rd:     Make reindeer food.  Click here for the recipe.

December 24th:      Open Christmas Eve box, click here for ideas, leave cookies for Santa, spread out Reindeer food on the lawn, read “T’was the Night Before Christmas…”

Hope your holiday season is magical.  Happy Holidays!

Cute Santa Claus/Christmas Quiz for Kids, Cute Classroom Christmas Activity


Santa Claus Christmas Quiz




1. Which one is not one of Santa’s reindeer?

a. Prancer
b. Clyde
c. Dancer


2.  Who helps Santa make the toys at the North Pole?
a. penguins
b. polar bears
c. elves


3.  If children are naughty, what does Santa bring them?
a. rocks
b. coal
c. dirt


4.  Finish the lyric: “Jingle bells, Jingle bells….”
a. jingle down the lane
b. jingle to the elves
c. jingle all the way


5.  Where does Santa leave the Christmas presents?
a. under the Christmas tree
b under the table
c. in the kitchen


6.  Santa’s checks his list to see if you were?
a. bad or good
b. naughty or nice
c. mean or sweet


7.  What color are Santa’s boots?
a. red
b. black
c. green


8.  Which one is not another name for Santa Claus?
a. Kris Kringle
b. St. Nick
c. Fred Claus

9.  What color is Rudolph’s nose?
a. red
b. gold
c. silver


10. What is Santa’s favorite snack?
a. cookies and juice
b. candy canes and coffee
c. cookies and milk


11. What is Frosty the snowman’s nose made out of?
a. carrot
b. button
c. snowball


12.  What does Santa drive?
a. car
b. train
c. sleigh


13.  Finish the line  “twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a…”
a. mouse
b. cat
c. puppy


14.  What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?



Click here for the answers

Great List of Christmas Traditions to Start with your Kids

I’ve always loved the entire Christmas season.  From decorating the tree, looking at the beautiful homes lit up with Christmas lights to seeing someone you care about face light up, when they open that one special gift and let us not forget helping those less fortunate than us.  Christmas is so much fun.  Here is a list of ideas and traditions that I do with loved ones.


  1. Turn your children’s pictures into Christmas a ornament.                                                I find this to be a great way to build memories and it’s easy to do.  Just go to Wal-Mart with your child’s Christmas photo or photo with Santa and for starting at $10 they will make it a ornament.  You can also do this on-line at or for a little more money Shutterfly. Each year when you decorate your tree, you will be able to hang ornaments of all past pictures.

2.        Make ornaments/buy new ornament

You can do this many different ways.  You can make them out of paper, felt, clay (with one of these clay recipes).  If you’re not into crafts, you can take the kids out shopping each year to pick a new ornament for the tree.

3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights on houses/Christmas lights scavenger hunt

Everyone loves Christmas lights.  Take a trip in the car and drive around looking at the beautiful lights.  Have older children?  Want a challenge?  Turn it into a scavenger hunt.  Type up a list of things to find while looking at lights.  Here are some ideas, Santa Claus, Sled, Reindeer, Wreath, Nativity Scene, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Elf, etc…

4. Bake and Decorate Cookies – Need I say more, who doesn’t love Christmas cookies.

5. Sing Christmas Carols while decorating.

6. Have the kids make their own Christmas cards to send to special loved ones.

7. Build a gingerbread house

8. Have an Elf on the Shelf

9. Night Before Christmas Box

Make up a box of all things needed on the night before Christmas or for Christmas morning.  You can put pajamas, mug with a bag of hot chocolate and marshmallows, Christmas book, Christmas movie, slippers, family game in the box. For older children you can add things like perfume/cologne/ hair accessories, socks or anything that they may use in their night-time or morning routine.

10. Candy Cane Hunt

I actually saw this on Pinterest and thought it was cute.  You can hide candy canes around the house on Christmas morning and have the kids search for them.

11. Make reindeer food and leave cookies for Santa

Click here for a great reindeer food recipe.  You can also leave whoopers candy around where you left the reindeer food, so they kids can see the reindeer poop left behind.

12. Do a community service project.

I feel that it’s very important for kids to help others especially during the holidays.  Talk to your kids about different ways to help others.  Let them decide who they should help.  Some ideas are bringing food to an animal shelter, make little gifts for seniors, make a care package for a solider abroad, drop off a gift to a homeless shelter, the possibilities are endless.

13. Santa Footprints

This is a fun way to show the kids that Santa was here.  There are a couple of ways you can do this.  One way is to spread wax paper or parchment paper on the table.  Sprinkle a good helping of flour or powdered sugar over the paper.  Stamp a men’s boot into the flour or powered sugar and then stamp it on the floor, so it looks like footprints.  Another way to make footprints is to put the boot on the floor and sprinkle the flour or powered sugar around it.  Another fun idea to prove that Santa was here is to have the kids place flour or powered sugar on a baking tray and put in the fire-place (no on or hot of course), then mom or dad can make boot prints in on the tray.  When they kids wake up they can look and see that Santa really did come down the chimney.

14. Celebrate St. Nicks Day

The feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in 12/6.  On the eve of St. Nicholas Day 12/5 place your child’s shoes by the front door.  Have the kids leave their Christmas list in their shoes.  In the morning they will find that St. Nicholas took their list and left them a nice treat.

15. Have an advent calendar and do a 25 days to Christmas countdownclick here to find out daily activities you can do as a family to celebrate the holidays.

16.  The most important tradition is to take a breath and enjoy the season.  Sometimes we get so busy during the holidays preparing for the special day that we look over the little things.  Remember that kids are only kids once and only for a little while.  Don’t take any time you have for granted.  Enjoy your kids, take lots of pictures and make memories.


Have a wonderful holiday!