Creative Arts and Crafts Projects and Ideas for kids

Arts and Crafts are a great way to bring out a child’s creative side.

Many kids enjoy making crafts and giving them as gifts or to decorate their home. Tip:  For a creative wall decoration try putting your child’s  completed projects in frames and hang them on the wall. They make beautiful decorations.

Try these craft activities listed below:

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100th Day of School

3D Foil and Cardboard Craft

Abstract Art (super fun)

Abstract Circle Art

Accordion Heart Man

Apple Craft/Teacher’s Apple Craft 

Aquarium Craft

Baby Food Jar Candle Holder

 Baby Food Jar Snowman

Baby hand/footprint keepsake

Baby Keepsake/Mother’s Day Craft

Beach Casting

Bath Tub Crayons 

Bunny and Chick Handprint/Footprint Craft

Can Stilts

Candy Corn Keepsake Footprint Craft

CD Art

Chalkboard Notebook

Clay/ Play Dough Recipes 

Colored Sand

Colorful Toe Caterpillar

Cool Chalk Drawings

Crayon Melt

Cupcake in a Jar

Dr. Seuss Craft/Snack

Duck in the Water Craft

Duct Tape Folder

 DYI Snow recipes

Extraordinary Shirts

Easter Bunny Handprint/Footprint Craft

Easter Basket Craft

Easter Basket Egg Carton Craft

Easter Egg Craft

Fish Bow Craft

Flower Pot Craft

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Heart in my Hands Card

Homemade Spa Recipes

Ice Cube Painting 

Invisible Ink/Glow in the Dark Writing

Leaf Wreath

Light Switches

Lion Craft

Lorax Craft

Marshmallow Building

Mickey Mouse Fall Wreath

Mitten Handprint Craft

Monster Pumpkin

Painting ideas

Paper Beads

Paper Hand Puppet

Paper Plate Fish

Photo Booth

Photo Memory Holder

Picture Collage Flower Pot

Picture Puzzle

Plaster of Paris Recipe

Plaster of Paris Craft

Pot of Gold Craft

Potato Stamper

Puffy Fish 

Rainbow Craft

Sand Castle 

Shadow People

Shamrock Stamp

Shape Monster

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hat

Snowman, Snow Globe Handprint Craft

 Snowman Paper Plate Craft

Snowflake Craft

Snow Globe

Soap Snowman

Sock Bunny

Spring Yarn Butterfly Craft

Tissue Paper Flower

Thankful Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Keepsake Craft

Thanksgiving Sock Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece Craft

Tree of Hearts Hand Print Craft

Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft

Valentine’s Day Love Keepsake Craft

Water Bottle Snowflake Craft 

Winter Crafts for Kids

You Are My Sunshine Craft

Snowman in a Snow Globe Handprint Craft for Kids

Snowman in a Snow Globe Handprint Craft


This snowman craft is a cute memorable winter keepsake.  It’s the perfect craft to do with that special baby or toddler in your life.  This craft is a great activity to do in a day care, pre school or Kindergarten class.  It’s so cute that you will want to keep it for years.   Follow the directions below to make a snowman is a snow globe handprint craft.

Materials: blue and brown construction paper, white paint, glitter, black sharpie, glue, scissors


Step 1: Draw a large circle on a piece of blue construction paper.  It should take up half the page of a 9X12 (standard size) construction paper.  Cut out the circle.  I am not good a drawing circles free hand so I cheated a little bit.  I googled snow globe template, printed it out.  Cut the circle and the bottom out separately and traced them.

Step 2:  Next you are either going to draw the bottom of your snow globe on the brown piece of construction paper or use the tracer to draw one like I did.  After you draw the bottom of the snow globe, cut it out.

Step 3: Glue the circle onto the bottom of the snow globe as shown in the picture below.









Step 4: The next thing you are going to do is paint the fingers, thumb and top part of your child’s hand with the white paint.  You only need to use a little bit of paint.  You should still be able to see their fingerprints through the paint.  Stamp their hand onto the bottom of the blue circle.  Let dry.









Step 5:  Help your child make little snowflakes around the globe.  To do this, place small drops of glue around the inside of the blue globe.  Have the child sprinkle glitter on top.














Step 6: Draw faces, buttons and hats on the handprint snowman.  Each finger will be a separate snowman.  You can also add scarves to your snowman.

Step 7:  Write your child’s name on the bottom of the snow globe in glue.  Sprinkle glitter over the glue.  Shake off excess glitter.


Valentine’s Day Activities, Crafts, Jokes, Facts for Kids

Check out these fun Valentine’s Day activities and ideas for kids from Kids Play and Create. We at are adding fun and new ideas.  Don’t forget to visit our page throughout the month of February to see what’s new. If you have and activity or idea you would like to add, please contact us at

Accordion Heart Craft

Classroom Decoration

Cupcake in a jar

Cupid Facts

Cupid Milk

 Valentine’s Day Jokes  

Valentine’s Day Heart Bath Fizzies 

Hand/Footprint Keepsake

Gift Ideas for Kids

Heart in my Hand Card

Love Hand/Footprint Keepsake

How to say Happy Valentine’s Day in a foreign language 

How to say I love you in a foreign language  

Strawberries and Cream Valentine’s Day Treat

Valentine’s Day Games and Activities

Valentine’s Day Facts

Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft

Valentine’s Day Candy House

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Tier Gift for Teacher

Valentine’s Day Gift from Kids

Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Box

Cupid Milk Cute Valentine’s Day foods for Kids

Cupid Milk Valentine’s Day Themed Drink

Every since my daughter was born every holiday is extra special to me because I get to spend them with someone I love so much.  This Valentine’s Day I wanted to make my now 3-year-old a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast.  Since she loves milk and whipped cream I wanted to combine them to make her a special drink.  This is how I came up with the idea for Cupid milk.  It’s just a combination of two of her favorite things.  Cupid milk is a fast and easy to make Valentine’s Day themed drink.  Since it’s easy to make it could be a good thing to make for a classroom Valentine’s Day celebration.  Follow the steps below to make your very own Cupid milk.

Ingredients: Milk (regular or you can use strawberry), red food coloring, whipped cream, sprinkles optional garnish such as marshmallow, strawberry or cookie, cute straw


Step 1: Pour your milk into a clear cup.  My daughter does not like strawberry milk, but you can skip the food coloring if you use strawberry milk.

Step 2:  Put a couple of drops of red food coloring into your milk.  Again, if you used strawberry milk you can skip this step.

Step 3: Decorate your Cupid milk with red sprinkles or with Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles.  I was able to find red, pink and white heart sprinkles at Michael’s Craft stores.









Step 4:  Optional:  I added a pink marshmallow to the edge of her cup.  You can also add a strawberry or a Valentine’s Day cookie.

Cute Classroom Valentine’s Day Wall Decoration

Cute Classroom Valentine’s Day Wall Decoration


I saw a similar version of this cute Valentine’s Day classroom wall decoration on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to make one. The idea is to make the paper on the wall look like a ruler and then the kisses are used instead of numbers to see how tall you are.  I thought it would be a great addition to our classroom.  I was right, the kids loved measuring themselves against the Hershey kisses and counting how many kisses tall they were.  It doesn’t take up too much room.  The one I made was two pieces of construction paper wide. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it really is adorable.  It would make a great decoration for a day care, preschool or young elementary school students.

Materials: construction paper (Valentine’s Day colors red, purple, pink), I also used scrapbook paper to make the letters  but you can also use construction paper, tape, scissors, glue, aluminum foil, letter tracers

Step 1: Tape construction paper to the wall to make the “ruler”.  I made two columns wide and made it 6 ft tall.  I had long construction paper.  I used 10 sheets.  I used purple paper, but you can use any color.

Step 2: Use letter tracers to make the phrase How Many Kisses Tall Are You?  If you’re good at making bubble letters you can make them free hand.  I am not, so I used tracers.  To make it more colorful, I used Valentine’s Day scrapbook sheets.  After the letters are all cut out, tape them to the top of your “ruler.”

Step 3: Now it’s time to make the kisses.  You can print out a tracker on-line by googling Hershey Kiss clip art or you can make one free hand.  After you cut them out, glue aluminum foil to one side.  You will need to make 6-8 kisses depending on the size.  Mine were the size of a 9×12 piece of construction paper and I made 6.

Step 4:  Next, you are going to tape the kisses to your “ruler”.  Try to leave an equal amount of space between each kiss.

Step 5:  To make the finishing touches, cut of hearts in different sizes and tape them to your “ruler.”

Classroom Activity Idea

Add a sheet of paper next to your “ruler” and have the kids write down how many kisses tall they were next to their name.  When everyone has been counted.  Make a chart on how tall the kids were.

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day classroom decoration as much as my kids did!